Virtual cart ride to town & dive in the reef!

What’s it like driving in a golf cart from Sunset Beach to town? Take a virtual “ride” with these recent guests (0:56-5:04; followed by some shots of town), and then “dive” with them on their Scuba School And Family Dive Center excursion (starting at 5:33)!

Bonus shots of the resort plus one bedroom Condo A2 in the beginning!

Plan on cooking in your condo? Shopping tips from a recent guest!

The following is from a May 2017 TripAdvisor review and posted with permission by  guests who stayed in Condo B1, aka “Carolina Blue”. Don’t get too hungry while reading! 🙂  If available/found, links to more information on the businesses mentioned have been added.

The condo is large and has a kitchen stocked with any appliance or tools you would need, including a small dishwasher….We cooked most of our meals at the condo rather than eating in town at restaurants. Finding all the food we needed was challenging, but fun if you like to shop around…we called it “foraging for food.” U.S. Dollars (usd) are accepted in Belize…(1) US Dollar equals two (2) Belize Dollars (bzd)…all change is given in Belize coins. Our recommendations for various items:

*Island City Supermarket: We had read that this grocery store was 10-15% higher than others in San Pedro, but learned from a local source that the store was under new management. We found their prices very reasonable and most items had not expired yet. (Tip: check all expiration dates [in all grocery stores on the island].) Ask them about their VIP Discount Card (10% discount off purchase of $20.00bzd or more, restrictions apply on certain items). Cost of various products: box of oatmeal ($3.50bzd, small bottle of olive oil ($3.95bzd), half gallon of 2% milk ($10.95bzd), one pound of sharp cheddar cheese ($19.95bzd), small bottle of soy sauce ($3.50bzd), one dozen eggs in carton ($4.50bzd; eggs are 3 for $1.00bzd and carton is $0.50bzd; tip: take carton with you each time you go to the store for eggs)
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Check out Belize’s Great Blue Hole!

The Great Blue Hole Belize aerial shotThe gorgeous Great Blue Hole is essentially a giant sinkhole (like a “cenote” on the Yucatan) which is part of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. It is 980 feet (300 m) across & 400 feet (120 m) deep, in the middle of a shallow section of the Belizean Great Barrier Reef system and is a popular scuba destination made famous by Jacques Cousteau in the 70s.

Those wanting to visit the Blue Hole to dive or snorkel can do so by day trip through any of the popular dive shops on the island such as Ramon’s, Belize Diving Adventures, or Ambergris Divers. You’ll be picked up & dropped off at our resort for your excursion and will have a couple of different dive/snorkel stops during the day plus breakfast & lunch.

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Could your time at Sunset Beach be this much fun? Yes, yes, yes!

The following was received from a guest shortly after she & her family got back home from their 5 night stay at Sunset Beach. Posted here with permission of course, and links to places mentioned added in case you want to find out more!

[Time flew} by but we had an excellent time. Judy took such great care of us and Chapin was wonderful! We absolutely fell in love with San Pedro and my husband is already looking for property there. The condo was just what we needed and my mother was so pleased with everything. I am sure you already know how great Judy is but I have to tell you she was a life saver for us. She was so patient and kind and answered all of our newbie questions. We just feel in love with her and wish we had more time to just hang out and visit with her. She is a keeper for sure! Guess that means we need to come back huh? Lol Continue reading

What’s happening in Belize while you’re there?

Belize loves a holiday & there is seldom an excuse needed to have fun…from Carnaval (February) to Lobster Fest (June) to the Holiday Lighted Boat Parade (December) and more, San Pedro is no slacker when it comes to celebrating!

Popular island blogger San Pedro Scoop has compiled a list of annual events with links to information on them; check it out hereContinue reading

We’re on the radio!

We have our first radio ad running on local station San Pedro Breeze. How fun! 

Great condo porch view photo compliments of recent guests Diane & Richard!

Day trip to Lamanai!

The best thing about a day trip to Lamanai Maya ruins is that you get a travel adventure as well as an educational and cultural excursion!

For my last trip to Lamani, Suya Tours picked us up in the morning and we headed out to cross the water over to the mainland. About 15 miles later we entered a lagoon that took us to the Northern River. While observing and learning about the mangroves, bird and animal life of the area, we were served a delicious breakfast burrito & OJ! It didn’t seem to take long at all before we were arriving at Bomba, a little town of 40 people, where our Suya boat would dock and we would board a bus. Continue reading

Bike from your condo to town & beyond!

We have complimentary beach cruisers at Sunset Beach Resort for our guests —  why not cruise the beach one of the bikes? Ask Chapin for a bike & lock, sign the waiver, and go…(don’t forget to bring water & some money)! It’s easy to follow the road to town—it wiggles a bit, but you can’t go wrong keeping the sea to your right! Continue reading

Hol Chan/Shark Ray Alley: a must do!

Even if you want to spend your entire Ambergris Caye trip doing nothing but lounge on a hammock—a perfectly acceptable way to spend your vacation!!—consider taking a half day Hol Chan Reserve/Shark Ray snorkel or dive trip. The Belize Barrier Reef is the largest in the western hemisphere and the second largest in the world; it has an abundance of gorgeous sea life that you don’t want to miss. Continue reading

Sunset Beach Resort — a great choice on Ambergris Caye!

Thanks for choosing Sunset Beach. Our beachside, family friendly resort is the perfect place for a relaxing & fun stay on Ambergris Caye. With one, two & three bedroom condos, we have something for everyone—single travelers to large family reunions.

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