Our neighborhood & location

Sunset Beach Resort, Ambergris Caye, neighbor Marin's Minimart

Marin’s Mini-Mart a half block away

We are located right on the beach in a quiet, uncrowded area of South Ambergris Caye. Suya Tours is right across the street from the resort and Marin’s minimart is just around the corner.

There are several nearby dining options if you’d prefer not to cook in your condo. The Black Orchid Restaurant (dinner) and the Lone Star Grill (lunch & dinner) are each just a 3 minute walk from your condo; the beachfront “Nest Grill” at Pelican Reef serves breakfast & lunch and is just a 5 minute beach walk south while the Cozy Coconut Beach Bar & Grill (with outdoor bowling lanes!) has breakfast, lunch & dinner and is just a 15 minute beach walk or quick cart ride north.

We are kept safe & secure by our South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch association, which has a patrol station just two buildings down from us. They are on 24 hour patrol and are always available in case of any kind of emergency, including medical.

Sunset Beach Resort, Ambergris Caye

Beware of dragons just south of the resort!

There is even a palm/coconut sculpture garden just a 10 minute beach walk south — well worth the stroll!!

Downtown San Pedro 10 minutes away by golf cart or taxi (15 minutes by bike or a ~45 minute beach walk!) – close enough for convenience, but far enough away so that you can enjoy a quiet uncrowded beach. On the way to & of course in town are many other restaurants and other businesses.

There is no address for Sunset Beach Resort, but there is only one main north/south road on the island. We are located on that road, 2.5 miles south of San Pedro’s town core, about 2 miles south of the airport. The road is paved up until you are 2 miles south of town; from then on it is hard packed sand.

Our location on Google maps:

These maps* of the island and town will also be helpful; you will see Sunset Beach Resort on the very bottom of the top map at the link.

Another map*; we are just south of Victoria House on this one.

*Note that there are often changes in businesses and the maps are not 100% up-to-date

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